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Realizing the knowledge gap and resource constraint typically faced by SMEs, myESG Star+ offers a systematic guide for businesses to gradually adopt and integrate ESG into their operations through nine (9) proprietary stages, progressing the businesses to becoming ESG-aligned.

myESG Star+

Program Features

Phases of ESG Adoption

The program is based on a phased approach: onboarding, transition, and ESG-aligned. This begins with creating awareness within the organization and setting commitments towards improving ESG performance. In the transition phase, businesses develop processes and implement changes to manage and improve their ESG performance. Businesses integrate ESG principles into their core business strategy and operations to eventually become ESG-aligned and create value.



Awareness, Acceptance (mandatory), fundamental capacity building, minimal adoption



Value realization, risk mitigation, internalize ESG risks and opportunities, establishing ESG management framework



Value creation, assimilating ESG, maturing ESG culture

MyESG Star

9 Stages Towards ESG-Aligned

There are three (3) tiers in myESG Star+, i.e. Gold, Silver, and Bronze, with each tier comprising of three (3) sub-tiers, identified through the number of stars assigned for each sub-tier.

Business will be awarded stars upon achieving the essential stages in implementing ESG principles.

Using a gamified approach, businesses continue to pursue the higher star rating within a reasonable timeframe. The platform offers the following unique features:

Risk Integration
Integration of ESG into enterprise risk management process
Translating ESG riskes and opportunities into financial terms
Value Creation
Realizing positive values or impacts of adopting ESG
Focusing on material ESG issues is the most effective way in adopting
Plaaning with emphasis on ESG materix and targets
Management oversight to monitor and review progress of implementation
Board level's understanding of ESG will facilitate a more effective ESG oversight
Management are key to drive ESG within the organization
Organization's commitment demonstrate the ambition to become ESG aligned
myESG Star+


Customized Coaching

Customized Coaching

We assist in developing a tailored approach to ESG that fits your specific needs and goals.
Stay Up-To-Date

Stay Up-To-Date

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments and ensure that your ESG strategies are always aligned with market requirements and expectations.
Improved Risk Management

Improved Risk Management

Help you identify and manage ESG risks that could impact your organization's reputation, compliance, performance, or financial stability.
Better Performance

Better Performance

Learn how to improve your ESG practices and potentially enhance your organization's financial performance.
Other Features

MyESG Star Features

myESG Star+

myESG Star+

A leader board allows external parties to view the Star+ achievement of a company. Businesses may use its achievement to demonstrate its commitment and achievement to its external stakeholders.
ESG Verified

ESG Verified

myESG Star+ is built-in with a verification process that safeguards quality and integrity of the Star+ achievement. Submission by companies on the platform will be verified after attaining certain stages. Each submission will be verified and upon successful completion of a verification, a verification badge will be stamped on the submission.


myESG Star+ encourages businesses to disclose its ESG journey and progress, as disclosure of ESG ambitions and achievement signifies the commitment of a company and informs stakeholders of its journey to becoming ESG-aligned. Businesses attaining any sub-tier of myESG Star+ and choosing to disclose, will be awarded a disclosure badge.

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